Kindermusik with Karen

Music Education in English

toddlers 1½ to 3 years

Our Time


This course is specifically designed for children between 1½ and 3 years of age. The curriculum of Kindermusik® Our Time™ integrates movement, music and literacy. It is designed in a non-sequential format (children can enter a unit at any given time); each unit provides a variety of activities that encourage creativity, exploration, language, movement and social development.

Kindermusik recognizes that the parent is the child's first and most important teacher and vital to the success of learning of the child. Classes are also designed to inform the parent about their child's development and introduce creative ideas of how parents can better interact with their children in a playful setting.

Benefits for Your Child and You

  • Recognizes your child's need for both freedom to try and the assurance of your support.
  • Educates you about the interactive nature of the total development of your child through music, movement and literacy.
  • Promotes joyful music making together with other families.
  • Encourages the building of characteristics related to successful learning in school: self-confidence, curiosity, self-expression, social skills and cooperation.

Plus every Kindermusik® Our Time™ course includes a set of  At Home Materials (Books, CDs and more). 

Details of Kindermusik Our Time®
age group: 1½ to 3 years
number of classes: 36 classes per school-year
price per month:

€39 per month

+ Twice-yearly materials fee of €50

Our At Home Materials include:
2 literature books, double CD, instrument,
Home Activity book, carry bag

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Km Our Time
Kindermusik Class from 1½ to 3 years