Kindermusik with Karen

Music Education in English

Spring Classes 2016

Timetable of Kindermusik Classes

Spring Classes 2016
  10:00Our Time (1½-3) 10:00 Village(0-1½)
11:00 Village(0-1½)  
  14:45 Village(0-1½)      
15:15 Our Time(1½-3)*FULL* 15:45 Our Time(1½-3)*FULL* 15:30 Our Time(1½-3) 15:30 Family Time(all ages)
16:15 Imagine That!(3-5)*FULL* 16:45 Family Time(all ages) 16:30 Kindermusik for the Young Child 2(4½-7)

16:30 Imagine That!(3-5)

17:15Kindermusik for the Young Child 4*FULL*(4½-7)      

All classes take place at our Kindermusik Studio - look at the map so you know how to find us