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Kindermusik Summer Courses

Kindermusik® Adventures™ are so much more than just a summer course! Each is made up of four lessons in which you and your child will have a load of music making and fun! Each Adventures program is arranged around one central theme that is explored during the four lessons.

Kindermusik® Adventures™ are designed to inspire your child's love of learning. In a Kindermusik summer course, you blow music bubbles, play parachute and kite games and you sing!

All these summer activities  are designed to nurture your child's natural curiosity, one that eventually draws her toward learning new words and new big ideas.

Details of Kindermusik Adventures Courses

age groups:

Babies (0 to 1.5), Toddlers (1.5 to 3 years),  Family (mixed-age groups 0 to 7), Kita kids (3-5) and big Kids (4.5-7)

number of classes:

4 classes, 45 minutes each. 04-28 July
Prices:(inclusive of home materials)
  • Peas and Carrots (0-18 months) 68€
  • Zoo TrainToddler (1.5-3 years) €68
  • Zoo Train Family (all ages): One child €68
    •                                             Two children €80
    •                                             Three children €90
  • On The Road (3-5 years) €68
  • Rhythms of the Land (4.5-7 years) €68   

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