Kindermusik with Karen

Music Education in English

Kita kids 3-5 years

Imagine That!


For children with some English experience, either at home, in the Kindergarten or having lived abroad

Imagine That!® embraces the exuberance of the 3 and 4 year old in a musical learning curriculum that integrates music, expressive language, peer interaction and pretend play. Current research confirms that pre-schooled age children thrive on participatory, expressive learning. Imagine That!® integrates carefully planned thematic activities, offers diversity of music, and involves both children and parents purposefully during Sharing Time and at home.

You as a parent or caregiver will be present for the last fifteen minutes of each class.

Benefits for Your Child and You

  • Nurtures your child's imagination and creativity
  • Creates a learning environment that integrates music, expressive language, peer interaction and pretend play
  • Challenges your child through activities that promote problem-solving, making choices and expressing ideas
  • Allows your child to have an active role in the development of music and movement activities

Plus every Kindermusik® Imagine That!™ class includes a set of At Home Materials (Books, CDs and more).

Details of Kindermusik Imagine That!®
age group: 3 to 5 years
number of classes: 36 classes per school-year
( 45 minutes each - parent or caregiver present at last 15 mins)
price per month:


+ Twice-yearly materials fee of €55

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KM Imagine That!
Kindermusik Class from 3 to 5 years