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Sunshine, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and more in this imaginative and delightful weather-related musical adventure. Preschoolers create storm sounds with a drum to “Wild Storms,” jump in pretend puddles to “Mud Puddle Jump,” throw pretend snow-balls to “Snowballs,” and sing along to “Colors of the Rainbow.” With weather as our learning theme, preschoolers will explore musical styles that range from Opera to American folk, and become more self-sufficient in a creative musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, storytelling, movement, and more. For Children with some English experience either at home, in the Kita or having lived abroad.18 classes of 45 minutes (children attend first 30 minutes without parents, last 15 minutes sharing time)

Home Materials:

  • Two books–Michael Finnigan and Hurry Home, Little Kittens,
  • Hello Weather Play Set,
  • Two Home CD with over 63 recordings of the stories, games, and weather sound effects played in class
  • 46-page Family Activity Book
  • Two instruments–ankle bells and rain shaker with scraper.

Downloadable Materials: 

  • Tracks of music heard in class
  • Home activity book and song texts


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